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New Hillside High mural celebrates noted alumna Pauli Murray

Pauli Murray, the noted civil rights leader and women’s rights activist, is one of Hillside High School’s most accomplished alumni. But until recently, there was no physical recognition of Murray at the school. Thanks to the school’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), that’s no longer the case. With the help of the Durham Public Schools […]

Lesbian students get suspended more than straight students

  A recent study suggests that female students who are attracted to female students get suspended and expelled more than female students who are solely attracted to male students. Princeton University student Joel Mittleman performed a population-based study analyzing over 3,000 teenagers from birth. Part of the study included asking the participants their sexual orientations […]

Bull City Schools United wants equity for all students

  Bull City Schools United, a new advocacy group focused on making Durham Public Schools more race, gender and LGBTQ-inclusive, got its start from three angry teachers in a car. After attending a roundtable discussion hosted by Durham People’s Alliance on LGBTQ issues in schools in February, Matt Hickson, Cheyenne Solorio and Jacqui Batts got to […]

Hillside GSA Supports LGBT Youth In a State That Does Not

Holly Jordan is the staff sponsor of Hillside High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance, which she helped found in 2010, before she was even “out” to herself. Jordan says she has learned a lot since she began teaching at the predominately black high school when she was 22 years old. “I came from a background that did not […]

Hillside High I.B. Programme: Preparing students for college and beyond

  There is a magnet program at Hillside High School that nearly guarantees its students will go to college, according to the program’s coordinator. The International Baccalaureate Programme, or I.B., at Hillside High School uses a college prep curriculum taught at schools all over the world. And Diploma Programme Coordinator Euba McKoy says 100 percent […]

Hillside hosts a rally for public schools

  By: the Hillside High School Chronicle staff On Monday, Nov. 4 Hillside joined many other schools in North Carolina in a “walk-in” for public education. Parents, teachers and students gathered in front of the school at 6:45 a.m. to rally for public schools. “Public education is at the root of our society’s problems, yet […]

Following in Martin’s steps

This past summer we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s heroic march on Washington. It made an immediate impact with people all over the country. You can see the changes in 2013 that those courageous, marchers wanted to see back then. Schools are no longer segregated, we can all drink from the […]

Gay-Straight Alliances fostering tolerance in Durham high schools

In a classroom in Jordan High School, a drawing of a large, purple eggplant is plastered across the door. The sign advises readers: “You can hate eggplant, but you can’t hate people. Hate-Free Zone.” Members of the Jordan Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, created the sign in line with the club’s dedication to providing lesbian, gay, […]

People’s Durham works to rally voters for the election

By Safiyah Gray Staff Writer the Hillside Chronicle Hillside High School   Hillside history teacher Bryan Proffitt works with an organization called People’s Durham, which is a group of students, teachers and parents who come together to solve problems related to education and the economy. The group will be going out to working-class neighborhoods and […]