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Miguel Collado, owner of Los Primos, is everybody’s cousin

Supplying juicy fruit, leafy vegetables and fresh cuts of meat on dinner tables throughout Northeast Central Durham, Miguel Collado is a provider for the community. Miguel is the owner of Los Primos Supermarket on Alston Avenue. He used to have partners running the business with him, but he took sole ownership of the store in […]

Los Primos Supermarket still stands tall

      Since taking over Los Primos 13 years ago, owner Miguel Collado has battled through adverse conditions and managed to maintain one of the only supermarkets in Northeast Central Durham.   “When we first came here, this was a very downgraded store with very little services to people,” Collado said. “When we took […]

Los Primos Supermarket vital to the community

by Cara Oxendine NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE A grocery store in Northeast Central Durham (NECD) offers unique customer services and a community focus. Los Primos supermarket is the only grocery store in Northeast Central Durham (NECD); a 302-block area a few blocks from North Carolina Central University that is home to Durham’s most […]

‘Los Amo, One Love’ mural is all about unity

By Naundi Armour NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE On the corner of Alston Avenue and East Main Street sits Los Primos Supermarket and the eye-catching mural on the Alston Avenue side of the building. Although no one was able to tell the VOICE about the artist, many residents think the mural depicts the […]

Honesty and integrity: starting a business in Durham

  Starting a business can be a daunting task, full of risks and uncertainties, but there are plenty of entrepreneurs who have found success in Durham. Three business owners — Joe Bushfan, Miguel Collado and Samuel Jenkins — shared their tips and secrets for running a business. Joe is the owner of Joe’s Commissary, a […]

Critics claim Alston widening creates division, not access

  Community members say the Alston Avenue widening project will create more division than access to the neighborhood even after the compromise to save Los Primos Supermarket. The widening project, which will stretch from N.C. Highway 147 (the Durham Freeway) to Holloway Street, has been part of the conversation in North East Central Durham since […]

Sneed’s Tater Bread Café sells soul food

By Jonathan Alexander NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE It didn’t take long for Walter Sneed, owner of Tater Bread Café, to decide he wanted to run his own restaurant. He was riding through Northeast Central Durham and stopped at what was formerly Jane’s Takeout. He said he asked the people next door who […]

Save-A-Lot to renovate old Winn Dixie

By Abby Moore UNC-CH Staff Writer The Durham VOICE   Five decades ago, the southwest corner of Alston Avenue and Liberty Street bustled with the activity of Winn Dixie grocery shoppers. Now empty except for a blighted building, Durham hopes to see the corner bustling again. At the beginning of this year, Durham’s Office […]

Durham muralist dreams big for Bull City

By Kaylee Baker UNC Latino Beat Writer The Durham VOICE Editor’s note: This story is a follow up to “‘Los Amo, One Love’ mural is all about unity,” written Sept. 22, 2011, by NCCU VOICE Staff Writer Naundi Armour. Artie Barksdale opened the door to his Morrisville home in a paint-splotched sweatshirt. He nonchalantly […]

More than your average grocer

By Sam Rinderman UNC Co-Editor the Durham VOICE 42-year-old Mark Tull from Raleigh battled alcoholism for nearly 25 years.  He tried monthly programs, numerous detoxes and individual counseling. Tull attempted to quit drinking by using nearly every resource in the Triangle. But nothing worked until he found Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA), […]

Couple advocates food equality through urban farming

By John Hamlin UNC Staff Writer the Durham Voice Kifu Faruq and Melanie Wilkerson aren’t just food lovers — they’re food justice warriors. The pair organized Green Space Initiative LLC (GSI) in 2010 to empower the people of Northeast Central Durham to eat healthfully and affordable food by reconnecting to their roots to community […]

DOT and Alston Avenue: the impasse continues

By Ashley Gadsden NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE The battle continues between the Durham City Council, community members and the state Department of Transportation. Last week’s city hall meeting was just another standoff without a final decision in the widening of Alston Avenue. The city hall meeting was opened by Mayor William V. […]

Visit Durham’s Caribbean Paradise for a real trip

By  Tommia Hayes NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE The cold overcast days of February can make people long for a trip someplace warm and sunny. Many people may not know that they can take a quick trip to Caribbean Paradise in East Durham to get a taste of the islands. The restaurant, owned […]

NECD Leadership Council: improving the community

By Jerome Brown, Jr. NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE The Northeast Central Durham Leadership Council met on Oct. 14 to discuss plans for the future of NECD and recent successes in the community. The one hour meeting, presided over by Assistant Director for Neighborhood Improvement Services (NIS) Earl Phillips, was attended by the […]

Neighborhood grocery to open May 5

By Lindsay Ruebens UNC Staff Writer The Durham VOICE Samuel Jenkins, owner of Samuel and Sons Barber Shop, just bought a mango from a vendor passing by his shop on Angier Avenue. “Have you ever had a mango before?” Jenkins asks. “I like trying new fruits and vegetables when I can.” He said he hopes […]

Durham Farmers’ Market – keeping it local and fresh

By Cara Oxendine NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE The Durham Farmers’ Market (DFM) offers the community access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as natural, hormone-free pastured meats, eggs, cut flowers and so much more. It aims to promote sustainable, healthy lifestyles and is infusing a sense of community into […]

Get your print version of the VOICE too

by Jock Lauterer UNC Adviser the Durham VOICE After six bi-weekly online editions, the print version of the VOICE debuted Feb. 12, funded by supposrt from the Daily Tar Heel of UNC-Chapel Hill. A fresh print version of the Northeast Central Durham Community VOICE rolled off the press Friday morning, March 5, and is […]

New grocery store will provide much-needed facility

By Catherine Rierson UNC Staff Writer The Durham VOICE Equipped with just six aisles and two registers, Los Primos—the tienda that sits on East Main Street at its bustling intersection with Alston Avenue—is one of the only supermarkets in Northeast Central Durham. With little access to nutritious foods beside those found at Los Primos, […]

Taking care of hispanic neighbors

By Cara Oxendine NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE underrepresented for so long, Hispanics now represent a fifth of the population in NECD, and have developed organizations that offer an abundance of resources and contacts within their community. During the 1990s, North Carolina had the nation’s fastest growing Hispanic population and according to a […]

New life for a neglected corner

By Julian March UNC Staff Writer The Durham VOICE The building on the corner of Driver Street and Angier Avenue doesn’t look like much yet. Brown paper and paint covers the windows, masking what is behind the glass. Inside, holes in the ceiling and walls expose pipes and wires. But if you look closely, there […]