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Samuel and Sons Barbershop: Moving on and passing the torch

Nearly four years after rebuilding his barbershop that was once burned beyond recognition, Samuel Jenkins’ Samuel and Sons Barbershop is once again in a state of transition. Jenkins has decided that on Dec. 18, he will pack up his clippers, move on from the place he worked so hard to rebuild, and pass the torch […]

Samuel and Sons Barbershop: a real come-back story

Almost three years after a devastating fire destroyed his business, Samuel Jenkins is back on his feet. His barbershop, Samuel and Sons, 2110 Angier Ave., was consumed in flames on Jan. 2, 2011, leaving almost $200,000 worth of damage. Jenkins said rising from the ashes was a challenge. “Everywhere I would look, it looked like […]

Community icon Samuel and Sons Barber Shop reopens

By Chris James (NCCU) and Jackson Foster (UNC) Staff Writers the Durham VOICE thedurhamvoice@gmail Nineteen months and 12 days is how long it took to rebuild and reopen Samuel and Son’s Barbershop on 2110 Angier Ave. after a fire from an old fuse box in the trophy shop next door caused him to lose everything. […]

Samuel and Sons begins reconstruction

By Belinda Dunn NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE After months of hard work and organizing, Samuel and Sons Babershop will start its reconstruction on April 26. Sam Jenkins, owner, has been out of his shop since Jan. 2, after an electrical fire damaged his Angier Avenue barbershop. Jenkins has struggled to get the […]

Samuel and Sons Barbershop will rebuild

By Tommia Hayes NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE As Samuel Jenkins watched his eight-year-old barber shop go up in flames on Jan. 2, he was already devising his next move. Although most people would crumble if they saw their life’s work burning, that’s not Sam. As the firefighters were putting out the fire, […]

A simple Saturday morning: Samuel & Sons isn’t going anywhere

Angier Avenue was devoid of traffic. It was so quiet for 10 a.m. that it could have been the middle of the night. But inside Samuel & Sons Barber Shop, lively conversation ensued; R&B music filled in the background of stories, smiles and laughs. Samuel Jenkins, 54, gave his first trim of the day to […]

Honesty and integrity: starting a business in Durham

  Starting a business can be a daunting task, full of risks and uncertainties, but there are plenty of entrepreneurs who have found success in Durham. Three business owners — Joe Bushfan, Miguel Collado and Samuel Jenkins — shared their tips and secrets for running a business. Joe is the owner of Joe’s Commissary, a […]

Barber Samuel Jenkins: from tragedy to triumph

Videographers Chris McKoy and Kayla Jones, journalism students from N.C. Central, pay a memorable visit to iconic local barber Samuel Jenkins of Samuel and Sons Barber Shop on Angier Avenue.

Blog: Remembering Spring 2016

The Durham VOICE published online for the first time during the fall of 2009, with a goal to serve Northeast Central Durham by offering a positive glimpse into the community, which was known by the Durham Police Dept. as “the Bull’s Eye” because of its high crime rate. Now, seven years later, at the end […]

Black Barbershops: More than a haircut

Six-year-old Elijah Warren climbed into a booster seat, grinning as barber Rodney Brower covered him with an apron. As snow started falling outside of Signature Kutz Barber Shop on South Driver Street, his older brother, Jacquez,  waited in the corner for the haircut to finish. Trying to start a conversation with Elijah, Brower asked if […]

Angier-Driver streetscape project culminates in ribbon-cutting celebration

Music emanated from Samuel and Sons Barbershop across the street from the Angier Baptist Church parking lot in the morning on Oct. 11, where community members gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the Angier-Driver Streetscape Project. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the completion of the $4.8 million construction project that began in April 2013. The project was completed […]

Angier Driver Streetscape on the move

  When driving down Angier Avenue and Driver Street in Durham you will see construction signs and “road closed” — signs that indicate a $3.5 million street renovation project is underway. The city’s project will repave streets, as well as add benches, sidewalks and crosswalks. The project will also include handicapped accessible ramps. Construction started […]

Small business owners advising aspiring entrepreneurs

By Jonathan Alexander NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE With the state of the economy, it might seem impossible to start a business in Northeast Central Durham, but local small business owners disagree. Sam Jenkins, Joseph Bushfan, and Andrew and Dinah Parker all have some advice to would-be business owners. Jenkins owns Samuel and […]

TROSA Grocery looks to the future

By Zakiya Scott UNC Staff Writer the Durham VOICE thedurhamvoice@gmailcom Saturday marks the eight-month anniversary of TROSA (Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers) Grocery on the corner of Angier Avenue in Northeast Central Durham. According to Independent Weekly, its opening brought a much needed supply of fresh produce to a community known as a “food […]

Neighborhood grocery to open May 5

By Lindsay Ruebens UNC Staff Writer The Durham VOICE Samuel Jenkins, owner of Samuel and Sons Barber Shop, just bought a mango from a vendor passing by his shop on Angier Avenue. “Have you ever had a mango before?” Jenkins asks. “I like trying new fruits and vegetables when I can.” He said he hopes […]

Barber “shapes up” community

By Jamon Glover NCCU Staff Writer the Durham VOICE When customers first enter Samuel and Sons Barber Shop, they are greeted with the sounds of Classic R&B, the smell of after shave cologne and a warm smile. There are blue and white tiles on the floor, TV’s on the walls and Carolina, Duke and North […]

Hillside High student journalists revive The Hillside Chronicle

After roughly three years of inactivity, the Hillside High School student-produced newspaper, The Hillside Chronicle, has been brought back to life under the watchful eye of Jackie Novotny. Novotny, a sophomore-level English teacher, began teaching the school’s journalism class in the fall semester despite her unfamiliarity with journalism and reporting. “The principal asked me over […]

Eagles spread their wings for the next season

Neal Magnet Middle School hosted its first-ever cookout — featuring four athletic events — to cultivate school spirit and raise funds for their athletic department.

Joe's Hot Dogs: something gained, something lost

  For those searching for their one-pound hot dogs after the June 19 closing of Joe’s Diner, you won’t have to look far. Joe Bushfan, owner of the Angier Avenue location, will still continue serving hot dogs in a trailer behind the former diner, which now serves as an expansion to Bushfan’s next-door commissary and […]