Seeds and swords: community garden hosts after-school dance program

By Cole McCauley

February 3, 2016

Community garden SEEDS, found at 706 Gilbert Street, has been known for its community gardening and youth education since 1994.  But the students involved in the SEEDS after-school program will be learning more than nature and gardening in the months to come. Youth Educator Thaddeus Bennett is bringing Chinese mixed martial arts choreography to his […]

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All new Durham Nutcracker debuts Dec. 12, 13

By Anna Williams

November 12, 2015

It would be difficult not to notice the joy that this building contains as cast members rehearsed for their annual performance of “The Durham Nutcracker.” But this isn’t the version that you’ve seen before.

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Shepard Middle School receives cash, instruments

By Rowland Givens

October 26, 2015

CEO of National Pawn, Bob Moulton, has a heart and a desire to give back to the community and to change lives. Just ask the kids at Shepard Middle School in Durham who are making more music with the recent donation of instruments from Moulton.

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Kidznotes: Growing bigger and brighter in Durham

By Sarah DeWeese

November 12, 2014

“Hands Up! Instruments Up!” Instructor Omar Ruiz-Lopez says to the group of young musicians. The section of Kidznotes waits expectantly for Ruiz-Lopez to raise his hands before raising their violins and playing the first note of the song of the day: “Fiddles on Fire.” Kidznotes, a free orchestral community program for children K-8 grade, is […]

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