Former VOICE editor painting her own future

By Tanner Boggs

April 6, 2016

As Brooklynn Cooper sat in class, something sparked her interest when a fellow student described the College Works Painting program. Cooper, the former 2014-2015 teen editor-in-chief for the Durham VOICE, saw an opportunity for a paid internship she could not resist. College Works Painting is a program that allows students to gain entrepreneurial experience by […]

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Black Barbershops: More than a haircut

By Ryan Wilusz

February 17, 2016

Six-year-old Elijah Warren climbed into a booster seat, grinning as barber Rodney Brower covered him with an apron. As snow started falling outside of Signature Kutz Barber Shop on South Driver Street, his older brother, Jacquez,  waited in the corner for the haircut to finish. Trying to start a conversation with Elijah, Brower asked if […]

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Samuel and Sons Barbershop: Moving on and passing the torch

By Nicholas Tillman

February 11, 2016

Nearly four years after rebuilding his barbershop that was once burned beyond recognition, Samuel Jenkins’ Samuel and Sons Barbershop is once again in a state of transition. Jenkins has decided that on Dec. 18, he will pack up his clippers, move on from the place he worked so hard to rebuild, and pass the torch […]

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Pat Murray: Skywriter pushes toward the future

By Sarah Kaylan Butler

October 1, 2015

When people ask Pat Murray what she does, she says, “I’m all about community media.” Murray never studied journalism as a student, but began writing as a part of Chicago’s radio and newspaper media. Murray has lived in Durham for 14 years and publishes the Durham Skywriter, an online community media outlet, as a positive news source […]

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At the Saltbox: quality food for everyone

By Anna Williams

September 17, 2015

Only blocks away from the epicenter of what Southern Living calls one of the South’s Tastiest Towns, the Saltbox Seafood Joint at 608 N. Mangum St. sits nestled comfortably in Durham’s Old Five Points neighborhood. “I live in Chapel Hill,” said businessman and Saltbox patron, Tom Vickers. “But I always try to time my trips […]

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Joe’s Hot Dogs: something gained, something lost

By Tyler Vahan

  For those searching for their one-pound hot dogs after the June 19 closing of Joe’s Diner, you won’t have to look far. Joe Bushfan, owner of the Angier Avenue location, will still continue serving hot dogs in a trailer behind the former diner, which now serves as an expansion to Bushfan’s next-door commissary and […]

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Co-op Market Opens in Durham

By Mary Yount

April 15, 2015

The Durham Co-op Market, located at 1111 West Chapel Hill Street, celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, April 11, with music, food from local vendors, and plenty of free samples. The market has been an idea in the works since 2008, according to general manager Leila Wolfrum. The concept behind co-op markets is that anyone can […]

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Durham man hopes to breathe new life into city corridor

By Katie Reeder

March 4, 2015

James Rogers remembers when 406 S. Driver St. housed a secondhand shoe store. It’s where he got his shoes when he was a student at North Carolina Central University. Rogers, a self-described country boy, said Durham was a big city to him. “The neighborhood was, you know, a little rugged, and so I’m over in […]

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LiMing provides authentic Chinese food for growing Asian population in Durham

By Mengqi Jiang (Stella)

A rapidly growing Asian population has led to a greater need for authentic Asian food in Durham. According to the U.S. Census, 3.6 percent of Durham’s population in 2000 identified as Asian. Within 10 years, the population increased by approximately 70 percent, with 5.1 percent of the total population identifying as Asian in 2010. Durham residents utilize LiMing’s Global Mart […]

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LiMing’s Global Mart caters to Asian community

By Mengqi Jiang (Stella)

February 4, 2015

Every morning around 9 a.m., Zulin Yang, the general manager of the LiMing’s Global Mart, starts working in the store, hoping his efforts and enthusiasm will attract more customers to LiMing. “Need any help?” are the first words a customer hears as she walks into LiMing’s Global Mart. “I usually work 13 hours on weekdays and 14 hours […]

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