Former gang leader campaigns for change

Former gang leader campaigns for change

  Once a drug dealer and the leader of a Durham gang, Otis Lyons now leads a movement called Campaign 4 Change to stop young people from falling into his former lifestyle. “A lot of kids that’s acting up they tell people that’s trying to help, ‘You don’t understand. You don’t live my life. You don’t walk in my shoes’…they… Read more →

Parks repurposed to cut costs, serve community

By John Hamlin UNC Staff Writer the Durham VOICE With warmer temperatures and sunnier skies, Durham residents are heading outside to enjoy the onset of spring. As they flock to the local parks, some may be surprised to find their playground gone. In 2010, the city told the Durham Parks and Recreation Department to cut costs, said Beth Timson,… Read more →

Oakwood Community searches for interns

By Anita Rao UNC Staff Writer the Durham Voice Six ducks, four rabbits and one young couple living on Oakwood Avenue in central Durham soon plan to invite four men and women, aged 21-26, to move in with them. The new housemates will be the first participants in Oakwood Community, a residential community and service-oriented internship program that begins… Read more →

Cleveland-Holloway, a growing community spirit

By Anita Rao UNC Staff writer The Durham VOICE When 31-year-old Natalie Spring moved into a small house in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood in 2002, her friends, family and neighbors all thought she was crazy. “People thought I was a naive white girl who had gotten into something she didn’t understand,” Spring said. Looking back on it now, Spring agrees… Read more →