All fun and ga(y)mes: QueerNC gives teens a safe space to connect

By Candice Craig

April 20, 2016

Durham teens have responded to House Bill 2, better known as the “bathroom bill”. “Durham was one of the most progressive cities in North Carolina, as far as extending rights to the LGBTQ community,” said Nick Buchser, a youth programs coordinator for Raleigh’s QueerNC. “HB2 took away all of that.” With House Bill 2, or […]

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Hillside alumni reunite through song

By Travis Butler

College towns have become integral parts of the American landscape, making it difficult to find a city where a high school is still a central part of the community. This is not the case in Durham, where Hillside High School has remained a mainstay of the city. Hillside is so vital to its community that […]

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New charter school expands its reach

By Ryan Wilusz

When you first walk into KIPP Durham College Prep School at 1107 Holloway St., you may not notice anything out of the ordinary. The walls are covered in colorful posters. The occasional child can be seen walking through the hallway. But if you look at the floor the child is walking on, you may notice […]

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NHS bans cell phones during classes

By jock

April 17, 2016

  Northern’s new cell phone policy states that, if a teacher sees a student’s phone in class, they will call the office to have an administrator come to the class to take it. The consequences for the policy are: “1st Offense: The cell phone will be confiscated until the end of the current school day […]

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EMPWR U financial lessons go beyond the numbers

By Ryan Wilusz

April 6, 2016

Every year on Christmas morning, Johnetta Ruth Alston’s grandchildren were met with stacks of presents in the living room. But when Alston’s daughter lost her job, the family had to cut back.  “There wasn’t no fat white man coming down the chimney because we didn’t have no fireplace in the first place,” Alston said. But […]

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New spring break opportunities for East Durham kids

By Candice Craig

While one mother leisurely planned a spring break trip with her children, another frantically searched for child care. Every year Dajuana Parker, a single mother from Raleigh, takes a trip with her son on his spring break. This year the two took a trip to London with a couple of other family friends. While Parker […]

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Riverside community struggles with potential deportation of one of its own

By Bradley Saacks

Imagine the everyday burdens that accompany being a high school student —stress about grades, social anxiety of puberty and looming college admissions. For many, the idea of returning to high school is cringe-worthy, but not for 19-year-old Wildin Acosta. Acosta, a senior at Riverside High School on Rose of Sharon Road, is not fighting to […]

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NCCU Durham VOICE reporters win big at competition

By Lisa Paulin

March 25, 2016

Six N.C. Central University mass communication students attended the Southern Regional Press Institute in Savannah, Georgia, in February and walked away with awards for their work with the Durham VOICE from fall 2015. Evan Owens won best overall feature writing for his stories “’DONS Basketball League’ teaches more than just roundball,” “A DPS grad gives […]

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Culinary arts students learn skills that set them apart

By Bennett Sprinkle

March 2, 2016

  Freshly cooked steaks fill the industrial sized kitchen at Northern High School with the robust aroma of meat as students scramble to prepare the evening’s menu. This is all in a days work for the students in Andrew Somers’s culinary arts class that began in 2001. The program began with around ten students and now […]

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Art bridges gap between past and present in Durham

By Tanner Boggs

February 17, 2016

When Garry Atkinson and Jaguar Perry moved to Durham, both artists noticed positive changes in the variety and success of the art culture as well as the community in which they would become deeply embedded. Atkinson moved from Goldsboro and Perry from Charlotte, but both have found their niche in Durham. Both artists played a large […]

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