Looking for opportunity, not a handout

By Carlton Koonce

March 20, 2017

  Opportunities. Not handouts. When you think about it, it’s really not too much to ask. A chance to work and to prove one’s self worth. A chance to get into a good college.  A chance to land a job or start a business that provides for a family. A chance to live a safe, […]

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Warren library still a staple for African-Americans in Durham

By Alexis Allston and Olivia Browning

March 1, 2017

The Durham Colored Library was founded in the basement of a church in 1913 as the first African-American library in Durham. In 1940, the library moved to its current location at 1201 Fayetteville Street and was re-named the Stanford L. Warren library. It has since remained an important hub for the city’s African-American community. Hillside High School junior […]

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West African music event brings song and dance to Durham library

By Elise Clouser

A library’s basement meeting room, with its white walls and harsh fluorescent lighting, seems like an unlikely place to find a celebration of any kind, let alone one of African song and dance. Yet in such a room last Friday morning, traditional West African dancing, singing and drumming brought the place to life. Kwabena Osei […]

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Durham Rescue Missions expands campus, services for homeless

By Avery Rodriguez and Thaddeus Berglund

The Durham Rescue Mission is building three new dorms in an effort to continue providing more warm meals and safe places to sleep for the homeless of Durham. Ernie Mills, 72, the CEO and co-founder of the mission, says he was inspired to help those in need after watching his father combat alcoholism. He believes […]

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Children learn, grow in SEEDS

By Rashaan Ayesh

  The school bus driver drops the kids off at the entrance of the garden. Kareemah Abdusamad rushes out of the building on 706 Gilbert St. to greet all of the children who are running down the dirt pathway. Abdusamad welcomes each child and asks about their day. She notices that 10-year-old Adrian Platt has a hole […]

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Local author and life coach speaks at Hillside

By jock

  By Elaijah Gibbs-Jones Hillside Chronicle Editor   In early February, a majority of Business and Finance Academy students filed into Hillside’s auditorium to receive professional advice on transitioning from high school to the real world. LaToya Rose, author of Money Matters: Life After Graduation, spoke to Business and Finance Academy (BFA) students. Rose spoke […]

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Mentor, Dan Brenner, helps Durham community with job placement

By Mckenna Lea

February 15, 2017

  Happy, kind and generous are all words that can be used to describe Dan Brenner. The depths of these qualities are exemplified in the work he does across the Durham community. In his retirement, Brenner volunteers with both Partners for Youth Opportunity and StepUp Ministry in Durham, helping those in need to get back on […]

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History Hub Writes a Love Letter to Durham

By Rashaan Ayesh

February and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand with each other. People put a lot of thought into what they want to get their loved ones. But, many people forget about the love they have for the place they live. The Durham History Hub put together LoveDURM to remind people of the love that they have […]

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College doesn’t define me

By Linda Chen

February 6, 2017

  It’s Friday morning at 9:57 a.m. and the stress is real. Friends are discussing colleges, while I sit believing I’ve got the college stress under control. Still, that does not mean there is no stress for me. After overhearing the talk and stress concerning colleges among classmates, I feel it is time to share […]

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Hillside High student journalists revive The Hillside Chronicle

By Nicole Caporaso

February 1, 2017

After roughly three years of inactivity, the Hillside High School student-produced newspaper, The Hillside Chronicle, has been brought back to life under the watchful eye of Jackie Novotny. Novotny, a sophomore-level English teacher, began teaching the school’s journalism class in the fall semester despite her unfamiliarity with journalism and reporting. “The principal asked me over […]

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