Otis Lyons smiles while listening to the audition for Ridin wit' Joe Crack on Saturday afternoon at the Durham Country Main Library. (Staff photo by Melissa Key)

Former gang leader campaigns for change

  Once a drug dealer and the leader of a Durham gang, Otis Lyons now leads a movement called Campaign 4 Change to stop young people from falling into his former lifestyle. “A lot of kids that’s acting up they tell people that’s trying to help, ‘You don’t understand. You don’t live my life. You don’t walk in my shoes’…they… Read more →

Allie Boulton, assistant program director at the Lakewood YMCA, is helping lead a new Spanish-speaking advisory committee that aims to focus on reaching out to the growing Hispanic population in the area.

La Voz of Lakewood YMCA reaches out to growing Hispanic community

¿Hablas español? The staff and members of the Lakewood YMCA in Durham want the community to know they do. The La Voz (The Voice) Spanish-speaking Advisory Committee aims to address the needs of the Latino community in the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as the greater city of Durham. The idea for the committee began as part of a project design initiative… Read more →

Many children grow up in single-parent households, which can contribute to their decision to join a gang, law enforcement officials say.(Staff photo by Caitlin Owens)

Durham tries to suppress third-generation gang membership

Although not in a gang herself, one teenage girl has seen several of her peers choose to join a gang in search of acceptance. Money, drugs and relationships with members of the opposite sex serve merely as bonuses. The ultimate prize is the attention and the recognition given to teens by gang membership, said Eleycia Harris, a 17-year-old Durham resident…. Read more →