Destin Johnson walks through NCCU Campus where he is a freshman on Oct. 9.  (Staff photo by Carol Longoria)

Destin: A story of hope

By Carol Longoria UNC  Co-Editor the Durham VOICE   Life was not always easy in the Johnson household.  Destin Johnson, the youngest of four children, started life in relative stability for the first eight to ten years.  Then his family was hit hard with a series of events — job loss, substance addiction, parents’ separation, and people moving in… Read more →

Oakwood Community searches for interns

By Anita Rao UNC Staff Writer the Durham Voice Six ducks, four rabbits and one young couple living on Oakwood Avenue in central Durham soon plan to invite four men and women, aged 21-26, to move in with them. The new housemates will be the first participants in Oakwood Community, a residential community and service-oriented internship program that begins… Read more →