Reaching millennials about voting

By Nijah McKinney

November 15, 2016

  When it comes to elections, many pose the question “Will millennials vote?” While the 2016 election is in the books, it appears that there are continuing questions concerning this age group. For that reason, one Washington, D.C., group conducted a college tour this fall, stopping at N.C. Central University on Nov. 2 to encourage […]

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Police Athletic League puts kids and cops on the field

By Rachel Herzog and Brenna Elmore

November 9, 2016

  On a chilly Saturday morning in November, two police officers cross the deserted soccer field in front of the Holton Career and Resource Center. But they’re not patrolling the area — together, they lift up a soccer goal on their shoulders and move it along the white lines painted in the grass. Soon, cars […]

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Commentary: Soul food feeds the body and connects the souls

By Heng Su

October 25, 2016

  I was born and raised in an ancient southwestern town in China where spicy food is practically a requirement. Then I moved to attend college in Hong Kong where the local cuisine lacks “serious chili” and features lighter and sugar-based dishes. Then, this fall semester, when I ended up in Durham, I was introduced […]

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Hillside GSA Supports LGBT Youth In a State That Does Not

By Jordan Wilkie

October 24, 2016

Holly Jordan is the staff sponsor of Hillside High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance, which she helped found in 2010, before she was even “out” to herself. Jordan says she has learned a lot since she began teaching at the predominately black high school when she was 22 years old. “I came from a background that did not […]

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Galifianakis examines NC politics in ‘Democracy for Sale’

By Riley Turner

Speaking Thursday, Oct. 24  beneath the cathedral-like ceiling of Hayti Cultural Center, the Rev. William Barber II, president of the North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP, said, “Fear doesn’t care what tool it uses, as long as it keeps the division wide.” The theme of the night: division. The Hayti Cultural Center hosted an advanced […]

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Black Wall Street Makes a Comeback: Minority entrepreneurs gather in Downtown Durham

By L'erin Jensen

More than 300 minority entrepreneurs gathered Oct. 12-14 for networking, promoting and music at the Black Wall Street (BWS) Homecoming event in Durham. The event, which was co-founded by local entrepreneurs Dee McDougal, Jesica Averhart, Talib Graves-Manns and Tobias Rose, was a chance for African-American and other minority entrepreneurs to hear from and engage with other successful […]

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HHS Tennis teaches overcoming adversity

By Nafisa Shah

October 23, 2016

    Playing tennis for Hillside High School since my freshman year has taught me much. Now a senior, I can see how the sport has developed me as a person. Tennis this year started off with only a few returning players from last year’s team. I got involved my 9th grade year because my parents […]

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House with the plants houses a true neighbor

By Prescious Blackwell

October 7, 2016

  From early mornings to late evenings, Malinda Davis cares for the plants that cover her yard across the street from Eastway Elementary School. Many students, such as Brandon Callender, a current UNC student who attended Eastway Elementary, remember  “the house with the plants.” Davis, with a broad smile and short dark hair with a […]

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Library kicks off Social Justice Storytime

By Allie Harris-Beeks

  Children of all sizes and colors were clapping and jumping with excitement as it was time to begin Social Justice story time last week at the Durham County Main Library branch. The theme for the first in a series was racial justice. During this event, the host read two books related to racial justice […]

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Commentary: The view from the inside

By Christian Phillips

October 5, 2016

  In 1985, a group of seven men and women formed what was then known as the National Senior Olympics Organization. After joining up with other groups who were already conducting games for seniors, the first National Senior Olympic Games were held in 1987. The inaugural games were well received with 2,500 competitors. The number […]

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