Capturing a developing Durham

By Cole McCauley

April 6, 2016

Durham has been in a state of rapid development for decades. Old neighborhoods are torn down and reconstructed.  Vacant blocks filled with rubble show projects that were started but never completed. A local artist saw the Durham she grew up in changing before her eyes, so she spent a year creating art to reflect that […]

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Durham Crisis Response Center helping local women

By Kristin Ellis

March 1, 2016

The Durham Crisis Response Center has been helping women who have fallen victim to the horrible statistic that one in three of them will be victim to physical violence by an intimate partner. Some women, like Leisa Marie, were part of the statistic that one in five women have been victims of severe physical violence. […]

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Blitz the Ambassador talks hip-hop, activism at Beyu Caffe

By Bennett Sprinkle

February 17, 2016

Hip-hop played softly in the background and the smell of roasted coffee beans filled the air at the Beyu Caffe, where a packed house was waiting to hear from Ghana-born rapper Blitz the Ambassador. Blitz the Ambassador, whose real name is Samuel Bazawule, spoke to the crowd Tuesday about the importance of positive hip-hop for […]

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Hillside High Drama Department: a beacon of light in dark times

By Justin Williams

October 13, 2015

  Mr. Wendell Tabb stands at the door of his theater room, a group of children gathered around, “Due to the situation we are currently having, the school has cancelled rehearsal today, we will resume rehearsal tomorrow as planned,” he said. The students all scurry off, calling for rides they weren’t aware they would need. […]

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John O’Daniel Exchange: When opportunity meets vision

By Rowland Givens

October 11, 2015

Wendy Clark, an entrepreneur and small business owner, sought an opportunity that would not only benefit her, but the people in the community as well, by purchasing the abandoned John O’Daniel Exchange building in January 2007. According to Joanna Cutrara, Clark’s staff writer, what is now a building for disadvantaged people and non-profits to work […]

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Keeping kids active at the John Avery Boys and Girls Club

By Christina Herring

  The Boys and Girls Club is a well-known nationwide network of clubs in urban areas to keep kids and teens busy, engaged, safe and off the streets. Durham’s John Avery Boys and Girls Club, 808 E. Pettigrew St., welcomes about 110 children each day. Their after-school programs run from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.. According […]

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Sunrise Recovery helps people find brighter days

By Eric O'Neal

October 1, 2015

On East Geer Street, a relatively new, flashy yellow two-story building stands out from the rest of the block. The color seems symbolic of the organization housed there. Sunrise Recovery Resources Center, a peer-led organization helps substance abusers turn their lives around. SRRC is a non-clinical organization and branch of the Alcoholic Drug Council. They […]

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SEEDS Harvest Dinner: a night of reflection

By Palak Patel

“A crossroads between the community.” That is how Emmanuel Kearney, a volunteer, describes SEEDS (South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces). On Sept. 24, SEEDS hosted its 12th annual Harvest Dinner, the largest fundraiser of the year. Among the attendees were notable members of the SEEDS community, such as Kearney. The night began with a cocktail […]

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Walltown Dancers perform at CenterFest

By Brittney Bizzell

  Walltown Children’s Theatre took center stage in a dance performance on Sept. 19 at the Durham Arts Council’s annual CenterFest in downtown Durham. The dance students stood in formation anxiously waiting for the beat to drop, while a curious crowd gathered around to watch the free show. The hip-hop and Bollywood performances showcased the […]

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