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  1. cam
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    great writing

  2. Sabrina Bowyer
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    There are a lot of details involved in this story that either may be inaccurate, or questionable. Before any person becomes all upset, please note that I was homeless for years, so I do know the struggles, and boy do they come!
    A license to legally panhandle is given by the city of Durham for around $25 with safety vest.
    As far as the legitimacy of one of your featured persons is not completely accurate.
    As far as another couple, living off SSI AND panhandling for only five days a week is an average of $2600.00 a month and $3320 a month if seven days a week (that amount doubles when these couples split up). That’s a couple grand a week that taxes must be paid on, which brings another angle due to folks not reporting money.
    As far as a housing voucher, a copy is always filed.
    Overcoming homelessness involves conformity, which many of us lack and see no reason to conform to a society that has spit us out onto the streets.

  3. Richard Spandau
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    I understand the local ACLU may be looking for a test case on this ordinance.

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